Site Etiquette


The dark site is a fantastic location but is is used with the kind permission of the farmer who owns the land. I am sure none of us would wish him to withdraw that right by doing something to upset him.


You will know when an observing session is happening as a message will be posted. This notice can be posted on the day and is often at short notice. An event may be posted for you to register your interest.

We suggest that your first visit to the site should be at one of our observing sessions where you can get to meet other members who will be able to assist if you if you have any trouble.



Please can you abide by the following rules when using the site.


1) Please do not reveal the location of the site to non-members. Anyone is welcome though provided they join the group.


2) Please park to the left of the road when you arrive so any vehicle that needs to get to the farm can do so.


3) Dip headlights when arriving at night.


4) No alcohol allowed on site.


5) Please can you make sure you leave no litter on site when you leave, including cigarette butts. Leave nothing but memories.


6) Lone observing is not recommended for personal safety reasons.



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